Cardwell heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Ardill rare: Ulster & Leinster. Possibly from MacArdle. Ir. Mac Ardghail.
Cardwell numerous: E Ulster. English, synonym of Caldwell, q.v. Also Ir. Mac Ardail, SGA.
Mac Ardghail rare: scattered. Ir. Lang. See Mac Ardle.
Mac Ardghail Mac Ardle: líonmhar: deisceart Uladh & tuaisceart Laighean .i. Oirghialla - dúiche lenar bhain siad riamh. Gaolmhar le Mac Mathúna. Brí: ard-ghaisce.MIF & SGG.
MacArdle Very numerous. Armagh-S Down-Monaghan-Louth-Meath etc. Ir. Mac Ardghail, "high valour". A sept related to the Mac Mahons of Oriel (Armagh etc).MIF.
MacCardell Very rare: Down. See Mac Cardle.
MacCardle rare: Down etc. Ir. Mac Ardghail (high valour). They were related to the Mac Mahons of Oriel. See also Mac Ardle.

DEDs where Cardwell and a second surname are found together


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