MacCavitt heads of household in 1901 census

DEDs and surname occurences

Down: Balloolymore: 1

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Surname Dictionary

Mac Dhaibhéid Mac Kevitt: cuíosach líonmhar: Oirghialla & an Dún theas. Is cosúil go bhfuil siad difriúil leis na daoine in Inis Eoghain thuas.Ón ainm Daibhidh iad araon.
MacCavitt Very rare: Clare. Variant of Mac Kevitt, q.v. numerous: Belfast-Antrim etc. Ir. Mac Ádhaimh (son of Adam). An early Gaelic form of Adam which predates the introduction of the name by the Normans. It was also current in Scotland. See Mac Adam, Adams.
MacEvitt rare: Dublin. Variant of Mac Kevitt, q.v.
MacKevitt fairly numerous: S Down-Louth-Monaghan etc. Ir. Mac Dhaibhéid (David). A name associated with Oriel (Monaghan-Louth-Armagh).

Variants in 1901, with total occurences

MacCavitt: 1
McCavitt: 6
McEvitt: 1
McKevett: 1
McKevitt: 35

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