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Parishes where Connell and a second surname are found together


Household numbers by county in Griffith's (1847-64), as on the map

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Antrim:16Armagh:4Belfast city:6Carlow:10
Cavan:108Clare:132Cork:903Cork city:99
Dublin city:31Galway:159Kerry:472Kildare:15
Limerick city:29Longford:25Louth:14Mayo:49

Surname Dictionary

Connell numerous: Down, Midlands, Connacht. Ir. Mac Dhomhnaill (Ulster), Mac Conaill. In some instances, MacConnon has been changed to MacConnell. SI.
Mac Conaill Mac Connell: an-líonmhar: Cúige Uladh. Claochlú ar Mac Dhomhnaill atá ann.
Mac Dhomhnaill Mac Connell, Mac Gonnell: líonmhar i gCúige Uladh. Ar aon dul le Mac Domhnaill. Séimhiú an D tosaigh sa teanga labhartha is cúis leis an ngalldú sa.
MacConnell Very numerous: Ulster generally, Midlands etc. Ir. Mac Dhomhnaill (son of Dónall). The name is identical with Mac Donnell which is more generally in use. Septs were located in Antrim and Fermanagh.
Ó Conaill Quite numerous: Dublin, Cork etc. Ir.Lang. See O'Connell.
Ó Conaill O'Connell: an-líonmhar ar fud na tíre, i gCiarraí, Luimneach & Corcaigh ach go h-áirithe. Clann a bhí suite i Má Gunaithe, Ciarraí, ar dtús ach gur brúadh siar go Uíbh Ráthach iad mar a rabhadar mar chaisealóirí ag an gCarthach Mór.Is sean-ainm pearsanta Conall a chiallaíonn " chomh láidir le mac tíre". Gan amhras gurab é Domhnall Ó Conaill (1775-1847) "An Fuascailteoir", an duine ba mhó díobh. IF & SGG.
O'Connell Very numerous: all areas, especially Munster. Ir. Ó Conaill, from first name Conall, "strong as a wolf". A sept of S Kerry to which belonged Daniel O'Connell. Septs are mentioned as being in Derry and Galway also. IF, GPN.

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