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Boyle Very numerous: widespread, especially Ulster, Midlands, Connacht. Ir. Ó Baoighill (Baoill), the derivation is thought to relate to O Ir. baigell meaning having good pledges. This was a major sept of W Ulster. There is also the Anglo-Irish family of Boyle to which the scientist Robert Boyle belonged. Ir. now usually Ó Baoill. IF & SGG.
Ó Baoighill O'Boyle, Boyle: Luaitear "baoith-gheall" mar mhíniú - ní fios. Ba chlann mhór de Chinéal Conaill iad. Leathadar ar fud na tíre sa 16 céad. An-líonmhar anois in Ulaidh, Connacht agus Lár na Tíre. Bhí siad gaolmhar le Ó Domhnaill & Ó Dochartaigh. Litriú nua: Ó Baoill. IF.
O Baoill rare: Ir.Lang. See O'Boyle.
O'Boyle numerous: all areas, in particular Antrim and Ulster generally, Mayo-Roscommon-Galway. Ir. Ó Baoighill, perhaps baoth + geall, vain pledge. A major sept of Donegal. See also Boyle. IF.


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