Moore surname history

Moore is today one of the most common surnames in Ireland, among the top twenty. It may be of English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish origin. In England the name may derive either from someone who lived near a moor or from a nickname for someone of dark complexion, from "moor", meaning Negro. This is frequently also the ultimate origin of the name in Scotland and Wales, where it is often rendered "Muir", although in places it is thought to come from mor, "big". The Irish origin of Moore is O Mordha, also anglicised O'More, from mordha, meaning "stately" or "noble". The principal family of definite native Irish origin were of Co. Laois, where they were the leading sept of the famous "Seven Septs of Leix", whose resistance to the English led to the forced resettlement of the most prominent individuals in Co. Kerry. At this point, it is virtually impossible to say in any single case which of the various origins of the surname is the most accurate.

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