• Henry surname history

    Henry surname history

    There are several Irish, Scottish and Norman originals for this surname. In Munster it is often the anglicisation of Mac Inneirghe, from innereighe, meaning "abandonment", and has also been rendered into English as MacHenry and MacEnery. This family were prominent in Co. Limerick. In Co. Tyrone, it is found as an anglicisation of O hInneirghe, from the same root. At least two other Gaelic Irish sources for the name exist in Ulster, the Mac Einri, descended from Henry, son of Dermot O'Cahan (died 1428), situated in the north Antrim/Derry area, and the O hAiniarriadh, originally from south-east Ulster. In addition, the surname appears in Connacht, where it appears to derive from a branch of the Norman FitzHenrys who settled in west Galway in the middle ages. To complicate matters further, Ulster contains many Scottish surnames based on Henry as a personal name - Henderson, Hendry, McKendry, Hendron etc. -which have long been confused with similar-sounding Gaelic Irish surnames in the same areas.

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