McNeal Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Mac Néill Mac Neill: an-líonmhar: Cúige Uladh - Aontroim go speisialta. Gallóglaigh ó Inse Gall a tháinig ón 14 céad ar aghaidh. Chuaidh cuid acu go Maigh Eó, mar a bhfuil Mag Réill orthu. B'as Gleannta Aontroma d'Eoin Mac Néill (1867-1945), comh-bhunaitheóir Chonradh na Gaeilge agus scoláire mór. MIF.
MacNeill Very numerous: Ulster generally, especially Antrim. Ir. Mac Néill, from first name Niall. A Scottish galloglass family who settled in Ulster 15 cent. Best known, perhaps, for Eoin Mac Néill, scholar and patriot, 1867-1945.
Neale fairly rare: Belfast area, Midlands etc. Ir. Mac Néill. According to Reaney, this name Niall, started in Ireland and did a tour of Europe before becoming a regular English name. It is also Scottish in the form Mac Neill.
Neill Very numerous: mainly Ulster, also Carlow etc. Ir. Ó Néill. From first name Niall which enjoyed international popularity in mediaeval times. See O'Neill & Neal.
Niall rare: Dublin. First name Niall when used as a surname would become Néill in Irish, usually prefixed by Mac or Ó. In English, the nominative form would be Neal.

Parishes where McNeal and a second surname are both baptised.


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Variants and totals

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