Hurley Catholic baptisms in Ireland

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Surname Dictionary

Herley Very rare: Cork. Variant of Herlihy.
Hurley numerous: all areas, especially W Cork and Munster generally. Ir. Ó h-Uirthile (Clare) and Ó Muirthile (Cork), earlier anglicised Murley. IF & SGG.
Ó Murthaile Hurley, Morley: cuíosach líonmhar: Corcaigh. Tá Ó Muirthile níos coitianta anois. Tugann de Bhulbh muir + tuile mar phréamh. Tá dream eile gur tugadh Hurley orthu .i. Ó h-Urthuile, q.v.
O'Hurley rare: Limerick etc. Ir. Ó h-Urthuile. A sept of Clare later seated at Knocklong in Limerick. This name is confused with Ó Murthuile of Cork. See Hurley.

Parishes where Hurley and a second surname are both baptised.


RC parishes and households

This list shows total Hurley Roman Catholic baptisms by county and parish.
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Variants and totals

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