McKay births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

Kee fairly numerous: W Ulster. Ir. Mac Aoidh, from first name Aodh (fire). One of many synonyms. See Mac Kee. MIF.
Keyes numerous: South East, Limerick, Ulster. Ir. Mac Aoidh (SGA). Woulfe gives Mac an Chaoich, caoch, blind and a Cavan name. The name exists in England with diverse origins. DBS.
Keys numerous: Ulster, particularly Derry-Donegal, Galway etc. Ir. Mac Aoidh. Also as MacKee, q.v.
Mac Aodha Mac Kay, Mac Coy: an-líonmhar, C. Uladh: MacKay in Aontraim go sonrach. MacCoy le fáil i gC. Mumhain - Iarthar Luimnigh go sonrach. Clann ghallóglach a tháinig ó Albain le Muintir Mhic Dhónaill, agus gur bhog cuid acu ó dheas sa 16 céad.Tá comhchiallaigh Eason agus Hewson ag gabháil leo, leis. IF, SI & SGG.
Mac Aoidh rare: scattered. Ir. Lang. See Mac Coy.
MacAodha rare: scattered. Ir. Lang. See Hayes & Hughes.
MacCay fairly numerous. Derry, Ulster generally. Ir. Mac Aodha. First name Aodh = fire. Also a Scottish name of many settlers in Ulster. SGG & SS.
MacKay Very numerous: Ulster, especially Antrim; Dublin etc. Ir. Mac Aodha, from first name Aodh, "fire". Mainly a Scottish name. IF.
MacKee Very numerous: Ulster generally, especially Down. Ir. Mac Aoidh, from first name Aodh meaning "fire". Various synonyms: Mac Kay, Mac Coy, Mac Hugh.
Mackey numerous: all areas, especially Ulster, South East, Tipperary-Limerick. Ir. Ó Macdha (manly), a sept of Tipperary. In Ulster, it usually stands for Mac Aoidh, i.e. Mac Kee and Mac Kay, q.v. MIF.
Mackie Quite numerous: Down-Armagh etc. Ir. Mac Aoidh. See Mac Kee.

Districts where McKay and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Mackey: 2286
  • Kee: 387
  • Keys: 1180
  • McKay: 2679
  • McKee: 5642
  • Keyes: 312
  • McCay: 803
  • Key: 64
  • MacKay: 380
  • MacKie: 82
  • McKey: 388
  • MacKee: 22
  • Makee: 3
  • Macee: 1
  • Keye: 7
  • McKea: 12
  • McKie: 38
  • McKeay: 4
  • Makay: 3
  • MacAodha: 1
  • MacCay: 11
  • Mac Aodha: 1
  • McQuay: 18
  • McQue: 17
  • McCau: 29
  • McKaw: 5
  • Mackau: 3

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