Bryne births between 1864 and 1913

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Surname Dictionary

Breen Very numerous: Fermanagh & Ulster generally, Dublin, South East, Mid-West. Ir. Mac Braoin, a sept of Kilkenny and Ó Braoin, septs of the Midlands & Roscommon.This name occurs as O'Brien and Bruen in some areas. Braon, an early personal name. IF.
Brian rare: Down etc. Ir. Ó Briain, but in this case, Scottish. The personal name Brian was popular amongst the Normans who got it from their Breton allies and so it found its way to Scotland independently of its Irish currency. SS & GPN.
Brien fairly numerous: Dublin etc. See Bryan and O'Brien.
Bryan numerous: Ulster, Dublin, Cork, South East. Anglo-Norman associated with Kilkenny. The prevalence in Fermanagh suggests Mac Braoin, a branch of Mac Manus, but the large numbers in the Belfast area are likely to be of Scottish origin.
Mac Braoin Breen, Mac Brien: Is deacair idirdealú le Ó Braoin ach bhí clann Mac Braoin in Osraí agus is cosúil gur leo-san a bhaineann na Braonaigh san Oir-Deisceart. Bhí dream eile i bhFear Manach. Bhí clann bheag in oirthear Luimnigh sa 16 céad. IF.
Ó Braoin Very rare: Ir.Lang. See Breen.
Ó Braoin Breen, Bruen: an-líonmhar ar fud na tíre: Fear Manach, Oir-Deisceart & Meán-Iarthair ach go h-áirithe; Bruen i gConnachta. Luann de Bhulbh ceithre chlann in áiteanna éagsúla - an dream ba mhó suite gar d' Áth Luain. Bhí clann eile bunaithe i Ráth Bhoth, Tír Chonaill. An bhrí atá aige ar an ainm Braon ná "brón".
O'Brien Very numerous: all areas, most in Munster and Leinster. Ir. Ó Briain. Leading sept of Thomond (Clare-Limerick), owing prominence to Brian Boru, High-King 1002-1014 A.D. The first name Brian is an old Celtic one, meaning perhaps "noble". GPN.
O'Bryan rare: Ulster. Variant of O'Brien, q.v.

Districts where Bryne and a second surname are found together


Variants in the birth records, with totals

  • Breen: 6162
  • O'Brien: 19577
  • O'Breen: 129
  • Brien: 15657
  • O'Brian: 273
  • O'Bryan: 121
  • Bryan: 3205
  • Brian: 763
  • O'Brine: 229
  • Bryne: 59
  • Brine: 132
  • Brion: 78
  • Bryane: 4
  • O'Brion: 57
  • O'Briene: 6
  • O'Bryen: 18
  • O Brian: 12
  • O brein: 14
  • O brien: 7438
  • O' brien: 1
  • O bryan: 15
  • Briane: 1
  • Brians: 35
  • O'Briens: 91
  • O'Brines: 13
  • O'Brin: 9
  • O'Bryans: 8
  • O'Brians: 3
  • Brieen: 2
  • Bryins: 2
  • O'Braines: 2
  • O'Bren: 2

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