MacDonnell family histories

AuthorTitlePublisherPlaceDateCommentSample refSample location
Corry John Golden clan : the Murrays, the McDonnells, and the Irish American aristocracy Houghton Mifflin Boston 1977 CS71.M97851977 Library of Congress
Hill Rev. George A historical account of the MacDonnells of Antrim Belfast 1873 510 p. (repr. 1978: Ballycastle : Impact Amergin) Ir 9292 m 2 National Library of Ireland
Kelly B.W. The Fate of Glengorry Dublin 1905 Ir 9292 m 41 National Library of Ireland
McDonnel Hector The Wild Geese of the Antrim McDonnells Irish Academic Press Blackrock 1996 Ir 942 m 46 National Library of Ireland
McDonnell A. The Antrim McDonnells Ulster Television Ltd. Belfast 1979 64 p. Ir 9292 m 42 National Library of Ireland
Meagher Brian From Ulster, Ireland to Central Otago, New Zealand : Patrick McGettigan and wife Mary McDonnell : also incorporating Mary's parents, John McDonnell and his wife, Sarah McKeeman Brian E. Meagher Springwood, N.S.W 2010 156 p. National Library of Australia
Walsh Micheline The MacDonnells of Antrim and on the continent Dublin 1960
AuthorTitleJournal or bookReferenceSample locationSample call no.
Fannin Samuel 'The MacDonnells of Boyle, Ireland and Cartagena, Spain' The Irish Genealogist 12, no. 3 2007 191-206 National Library of Ireland Ir 9291 i 2
Fitzgerald Walter 'The Macdonnells of Tinnakill Castle' Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society IV, 1903-5, 205-15 National Library of Ireland Ir 794106 k 2
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Walsh P. 'Chs iii, iv, vi' Irish chiefs and leaders Chs iii, iv, vi National Library of Ireland Ir 941 w 17

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