MacCroary heads of household in the 1911 census

Counties, DEDs and heads of households

Tyrone: Fallagh: 1

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Surname Dictionary

Crory fairly rare: Down. Ir. Mac Ruairí. (SGA). See Mac Rory.
Mac Ruaidhrí Mac Rory, Rodgers: líonmhar: Tír Eoghain-Tír Chonaill-Doire & rl. Seo clann a d'áitigh na dúichí Teallach Ainbhith & Muintir Birn i dTír Eoghain; craobh díobh mar airchinnigh ag Baile na Scríne, Doire. Chomh maith leis sin, tháinig dream gallóglach ó Albain sa 14 céad. Deineadh Rodgers d'a lán díobh. Brí: rí rua. Litriú nua: Mac Ruairí.
Mac Ruairi Very rare: Donegal. Ir.Lang. See Mac Rory.
MacCroary rare: Antrim etc. See Mac Rory.
MacCrory numerous: Ulster generally etc. Ir. Mac Ruaidhrí (great king). See Mac Rory.
MacGroary fairly rare: Donegal. See Mac Grory.
MacGrory numerous: Donegal-Fermanagh-Derry-Monaghan etc. Ir. Mag Ruaidhrí, from first name Ruaidhrí, red king. A noted Ulster family said to be descended from the Three Collas. Often changed to Rodgers, q.v.
MacRory fairly numerous: N W Ulster and extending to Antrim-Down. Ir. Mac Ruaidhrí, red king. The name, once widespread, has been changed to Rodgers. Also occuring as Macrory and Mac Crory, q.v.
Mag Ruaidhrí Mac Grory: líonmhar: Tír Chonaill-Doire-Fear Manach-Muineachán. Ar aon dul le Mac Ruairí, ar ndó.
Rodgers Very numerous: mainly Ulster, also Munster. Ir. Mac Ruaidhrí. Ruaidhrí was a popular first name in mediaeval times: meaning "red king". The English name Rodgers appeared in 17 cent and has superceded the native one but see Mac Rory.
Rogers numerous: all areas, least in Munster. Ir. Mac Ruaidhrí. See Rodgers.

Variants in 1911, with total occurences

Crory: 5
MacCroary: 1
MacRory: 12
Magroary: 1
Magrory: 3
McConigley: 3
McCroary: 11
McCrorey: 6
McCrorry: 2
McCrory: 119
McCrury: 2
McGroary: 15
McGrorey: 5
McGrory: 56
McRory: 18
Rodgers: 284
Rogers: 365

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