Kivlehan heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Kevelighan rare: Dublin. See Kivlehan.
Kivelehan Quite numerous: Sligo, Dublin, Derry, Belfast. Ir. Ó Cibhleacháin. An ecclesiastical family of W Meath. The modern Irish dictionary gives cifleachán as "tatterdemalion", which seems inappropriate to this family! See Keville. SI.
Ó Cibhleacháin Kivlehan: fíor-annamh: Áth Cliath. Clann a bhí mar chomharbaí ar N Feichín ag Fobhar, Iar-Mhí. Brí: duine le cosa bóracha. Féach Cibhil & Cibhlín.SGG.

Variants in 1911, with total occurences

Kevelehan: 1
Kevelighan: 1
Kevlehan: 3
Kivelehan: 1
Kivlahan: 2
Kivlan: 1
Kivlehan: 19
Kivlihan: 1

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