Devin heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Devin rare: Louth-Meath etc. Variant of Devine.
Devine numerous: Ulster, N Leinster, Connacht etc. Ir. Ó Daimhín. A sept of Fermanagh, the name is widespread in Leath Chuinn (northern half); some Devines in the south are no doubt Ó Dubháin. SI & IF.
Devon rare: N Down. A variant of Devine, q.v.
Divin Very rare: Derry. Ir. Ó Duibhín. (dim. of dubh, black, dark). See also Devine.
Ó Duibhín Devin: annamh: Doire. Is cosúil go bhfuil a lán de mhuintir Uí Dhuibhín faoin leagan gallda Devine, a bhaineann le Ó Daimhín, leis. Tá Devine líonmhar i gCúige Uladh agus i nDoire go sonrach.

Variants in 1911, with total occurences

Davine: 1
Devan: 1
Devin: 26
Devine: 291
Devon: 3
Divan: 1
Divane: 10
Divin: 3
Divine: 32

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