Brennand heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Brannan rare: Ulster. Ir. Ó Branáin. An ecclesiastical family of Fermanagh usually changed to Brennan. Ir. Mac Branáin was a sept of Roscommon. IF & SI.
Brennan Very numerous: widespread, especially northern half. Ir. Ó Braonáin. Woulfe cites four septs, in Kilkenny, W Meath, Galway, Kerry. The chief of these was in Ossory (Kilkenny) and many Connacht Brennans are Mac Braonáin, a different name, which also applied to an erenagh family of Fermanagh. From the personal name Braon. IF & SGG.
Mac Branáin Brennan: Tá Brennan an-líonmhar ach baineann siad sa chuid is mó le Ó Braonáin sa chuid is mó den tír, ach bhí Mac Branáin láidir i gConnachta anallód.
Ó Branáin Brannan: fíor-annamh: Ulaidh. Airchinnigh i nDoire & Fearmanach anallód. Tá sé meascaithe le Ó Branagáin; féach Ó Braonáin, leis.
Ó Braonáin rare: Ir.lang. See Brennan.
Ó Braonáin Brennan: an-líonmhar gach áird: bhí ceithre chlann ann de réir de Bhulbh: Osraí, mar a bhfuilid go fóill; Iar-Mhí; Longfort; Dún Ciaráin i gCiarraí. Is cosúil gur le Ó Branáin a bhaineann Brennan in Ulaidh. IF & SGG.

DEDs where Brennand and a second surname are found together


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