Allen heads of household in the 1911 census

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Surname Dictionary

Ailéin Allen: líonmhar: Oir-thuaisceart Uladh agus tríd an dtír. Sasanach & Albanach. Mar Alleyn sna sean-taifid. Ainm Briotánach leis na Normannaigh agus ainm Gaelach i measc na n-Albanach. Féach Ó h-Ailín, leis. SGG.
Ailín Allen: ar aon dul le Ailéin, thuas.
Allan mainly with "en", numerous in N.E. Ulster but well-represented in all provinces. Scottish and English, also anglicisation of Ó h-Ailín.
Mac Ailín Mac Allen: annamh: Aontraim &rl. Gallóglaigh ó Albain sa 15 céad. Bhain siad le Muintir Chaimbéul thall. Is cosúil go bhfuil meascadh le Mac Cailín, q.v. SGG.
MacAllen fairly rare: Antrim, Cork etc. Ir. Mac Ailín, perhaps from early first name Aillén. This name is usually identified with galloglasses related to the Scottish Campbells who came to Ireland in the service of the O'Donnells in 16 cent. SI.
MacAlynn Very rare: Antrim-Tyrone.

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