McNalis heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Mac Niallghuis Mac Nelis: líon beag: Tír Chonaill. Bhí an chlann i nGleann Cholm Cille tráth. Táid le fáil i gConnachta faoin mbréagriocht Mag Riallais, q.v. Fréamh: Niall + gus (fuinneamh). Litriú nua: Mac Niallais.
MacNelis Quite numerous: Donegal etc. Ir. Mac Niallghuis, from first name Niall + gus (vigour). It has always been associated with Donegal. Mod. Mac Niallais.MIF.
Nealis Very rare: scattered. See Nelis.
Nelis Quite numerous: Derry etc. See Mac Nelis.
Nellis rare: Belfast etc. See Nelis & Mac Nelis. Ir. Mac Niallghuis, -Niallais.

Variants in 1901, with total occurences

MacNelis: 1
McNalis: 1
McNelies: 1
McNelis: 27
McNellis: 6
McNelus : 1
Nealis: 10
Nelis: 20
Nellis: 6
Nillis: 1

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