McLuskey heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Closkey Very rare: Dublin. See Cluskey.
Mac Bhloscaidh Mac Cluskey, Cluskey: cuíosach líonmhar in Ultaibh. Craobh de Mhuintir Chatháin i nDoire. Shiolraíodar ó Bhloscadh Ó Catháin sa 12 céad.
MacCloskey Very numerous: Derry-Tyrone, Ulster generally and scattered in the south. In Dublin it is Mac Cluskey or Cluskey. Ir. Mac Bhloscaidh from a first name peculiar to the O'Kanes of Derry to which this family were related. SGG.
MacCluskey numerous: Ulster, Dublin etc. Ir. Mac Bhloscaidh, from first name amongst the O'Kanes of Derry. See Mac Closkey. SGG.
MacLoskey Very rare: Antrim. Ir. Mac Bhloscaidh. See Mac Cluskey.
MacLuskey Very rare: Dublin. Ir. Mac Bhloscaidh. More usually Mac Cluskey, q.v.

Variants in 1901, with total occurences

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