Mannin heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Manning numerous: all areas, especially Cork. Ir. Ó Mainnín. A sept of Galway, but more usual as Mannion, q.v. Some Mannings are of English origin. SGG & IF.
Mannion numerous: all areas, especially Connacht. Ir. Ó Mainnín. An important sept of Uí Maine (Galway), chiefs of Sodhna, said to be of pre-Celtic stock, who have survived in their ancient territory. See also Manning. IF.
Ó Mainnín rare: Galway etc. Ir.Lang. See Mannin & Mannion.
Ó Mainnín Mannion: líonmhar: i gConnachta ach go h-áirithe. Clann a suite sa dúiche Sodhna ar a dtugtar Teach Dháchonna anois. De chine réamh-Ghaelach, deirtear. IF & SGG.

Variants in 1901, with total occurences

Maning: 2
Mannan: 1
Mannin: 4
Manning: 239
Mannion: 226
Manon: 2

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