Gaynor heads of household in 1901 census

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Surname Dictionary

Gaynor numerous: Midlands, S Ulster etc. Ir. Mag Fhionnbhairr, from the personal name Fionnbharr, meaning "fair head". A sept of Longford linked to Ó Geradhain (Guerin), it was formerly more accurately anglicised MacGinver. MIF.
Mag Fhionnbhairr Gaynor (Guerin): líonmhar: Lár na Tíre. Bhí an chlann sa ina gcónaí taobh thiar de Loch Gamhna (Longfort) agus Fionnbharr Ó Geradhain mar athair sinseartha aca; dá bhrí sin, baineann Ó Géaráin leo, chomh maith. Bhí Maginver ortha i dtosach an ghalldaithe agus annsan Gaynor. MIF & SGG.

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