Douling heads of household in 1901 census

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Doolan numerous: all areas, but mainly South East. It stands for two Irish names: (1) Ó Dubhlainn (Galway), (2) Ó Dúnlaing, Ó Dubhlaing (Laois), the latter also appears as Dowling. Dúnlang was an early first name. GPN & IF.
Doolin Quite numerous: Dublin. See Doolan.
Dooling rare: Midlands. See Doolan.
Dowling numerous: E Leinster & general. Ir. Ó Dúnlaing, one of the "seven septs of Laois". See also Doolan. Dúnlang was an early first name in Leinster. IF & SGG.
Ó Dubhláin Doolan: féach Ó Dubhlainn & Ó Dúnlaing. SGG.
O Dubhlainn Doolan: líonmhar sa tír ach bhain an chlann sa le Uí Maine (Gaillimh). SI.
Ó Dúnlaing rare: Leinster. Ir.Lang. See Dowling.
Ó Dúnlaing Dowling, Doolan: líonmhar: Laighin thoir & go coiteann. Ceann de "Seacht gClann Laoise". Deir de Bhulbh go raibh clann eile i gCorca Laoidhe. Ainm pearsanta a b'ea Dúnlang - coitianta i measc na n-uasal i gCúige Laighean. IF & SGG.
O'Dowling rare: Cork. Ir. Ó Dúnlaing. One of the "Seven Septs of Laois". As Dowling they are well represented in E Leinster and generally. IF.

DEDs where Douling and a second surname are found together


Variants in 1901, with total occurences

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