Nicholson households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Mac Niocaill Mac Nicholl: líonmhar: Cúige Uladh, Doire go sonrach. Bhain siad le Tír Eoghain ach tá an sloinne in Albain, leis. Bhí an t-ainm Gréagach Nikolaos "bua an phobail" an-choitinn ag na Normannaigh agus ghlac na Gaeil leis.
MacNicholl numerous: Derry and Ulster generally, Dublin. Ir. Mac Niocaill (Nicholas). MacLysaght places it in Tyrone; it also exists in Scotland and Nicholl, without the Mac, is very common in Ulster.
MacNickle Quite numerous: Derry-Tyrone etc. Variant of Mac Nicholl, q.v.
Nichols numerous: E Ulster, Derry, Dublin etc. Ir. Mac Niocaill, from first name Nicholas. This relates to a sept of Tyrone; many of the Nichols would be of immigrant stock. See Mac Nicholl.
Nicholson numerous: all areas, especially Ulster, South East, Galway-Roscommon etc. Ir. Mac Niocaill. This name may be Scottish or English. DOS.
Nickells Quite numerous: Belfast area. Variant of Nichol.
Nicoll Quite numerous:Belfast, Dublin etc. See Nichol.

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