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Surname Dictionary

Davock Very rare: Connacht. Ir. Mac Dabhóc, (dim. of David). A branch of the Burkes, with synonyms MacCavock and MacCooke. Not to be confused with Scottish Doig which relates to St Cadoc, according to Reaney. MIF & DBS.
Mac Dabhóc Davock, Mac Avock: féach Mag Dhabhuc.
MacAvock Very rare: Mayo etc. Ir. Mac Dhabhóg, Dabhóg is a diminutive of David. They were a branch of the Burkes of Galway. SGG.
MacGavock rare: Antrim etc. Ir. Mac Dhabhóc. Diminutive of David. Originally related to the Burkes of Connacht.
Mag Dhabhuc Davock, Mac Avock, Cooke. Craobh de Bhurcaigh Chonnacht. Gaelaíodh na Burcaigh agus ghlacadar sloinnte ó ainm athar, sa chás sa, Dabhóc, díspeagadh ar ainm coitianta Dáibhidh, a ghiorraíodh go Dáth agus Dáith go minic.

Variants in Griffith's
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Davock: 9
McCavock: 6
McGarvock: 2
McGavock: 25

Non-Griffith's Variants

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Mac Dabhoc
Mac Dabhog
Mac Dhabhoc
Mag Dhabhuc
Mag Dhabhuic

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