Linnehan households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland

Householders by county in (1847-64), as on the map

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Surname Dictionary

Lenaghan Quite numerous: Down etc. See Lenihan.
Leneghan rare: Mayo, Down. See Lenihan.
Lenehan numerous: Midlands, Mayo-Sligo etc. See Lenihan.
Lenihan numerous: all areas except Ulster, mainly Kerry-Clare-W Limerick-Cork. The Irish is (1) Ó Leannacháin (2) Ó Luingeacháin. The former relates to a Roscommon sept; the latter to Munster and comes, according to Woulfe, from earlier Mac Longacháin where longach may be gluttonous, avid. Note the variants. IF & SGG.
Linihan numerous: Munster, especially Cork. See Lenihan.
Ó Leannacháin Lenihan: líon beag: Connachta & Lár na Tíre. Clann ó Ros Comáin go bhfuil athleagain Ó Léanacháin & Ó Lionacháin orthu. Féach Ó Loingeacháin & Ó Longacháin, leis. Féach Mac Leannacháin thuas.
Ó Luingeacháin Lenihan: líonmhar: Luimneach-Ciarraí-an Clár. Luann de Bhulbh Mac Longacháin mar bhun-leagan. Féach Ó Leannacháin, leis. SGG & IF.

  • Lenihan
    Lenihan baptisms in Tournafulla, Limerick (archived)
  • Lenihan

Parishes where Linnehan and a second surname are found together


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