St. Thomas civil parish, Dublin city

St. Thomas Ordnance Survey map from 1843
St. Thomas parish map on
St. Thomas contemporary Google map
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Adjoining parishes

Parish and MapID
Clonturk      20 (Dublin)
St. Georges      9 (Dublin city)
St. Mary      14 (Dublin city)

Places in St. Thomas

 Abbey Street, Lower
 Abbey Street, Old
 Abbey Street, Upper
 Bailey's Row
 Bayview Avenue
 Bayview Parade
 Beaver Street
 Belle Street
 Beresford Place
 Bottlehouse Yard
 Brewery Yard
 Britain Street, Great
 Buckingham Place
 Buckingham Place
 Buckingham Street, Lower
 Buckingham Street, Upper
 Butcher's Cottages
 Byrne's Square
 Caroline Row
 Charleville Mall
 Clarence Street, North
 Cobourg Place
 Commons Street
 Connolly's Court
 Courtney Place
 Cromwell Place
 Cumberland Lane, North
 Cumberland Street, North, Lower
 Cumberland Street, North, Upper
 Custom House Docks
 Duke Row
 Dunne Street
 Earl Street, North
 Eden Quay
 Elephant Lane
 Elliot Place
 Faithful Place
 Farrell's Court
 Ferral's Arch
 Fish Street
 Flood's Buildings
 Frederick Place
 Frenchman's Lane
 Gardiner Street, Lower
 Gloucester Diamond
 Gloucester Place, Lower
 Gloucester Place, Middle
 Gloucester Place, Upper
 Gloucester Street North, Upper
 Gloucester Street North., Lower
 Gloucester Terrace
 Gregg's Lane
 Guild Street
 Guilford Terrace
 Halpin's Row
 Hamilton's Lane
 Harbour Court
 Hart's Row
 Henry Street
 Kane's Court, East
 Luscombe's Court
 Mabbot Lane
 Mabbot Street
 Marlborough Place
 Marlborough Street
 Mayor Street, East
 Mayor Street, West
 Mecklenburgh Lane
 Mecklenburgh Street, Lower
 Mecklenburgh Street, Upper
 Meredyth Place
 Montgomery Street
 Moore Lane
 Moore Row
 Moore's Cottages
 Mulgrave Place
 Nelson Lane
 Newcomen Bridge
 Newcomen Place
 Newcomen Terrace
 Newfoundland Street
 Nixon Street
 North Strand
 North Wall Quay
 Northcourt Cottages
 Northumberland Buildings
 Northumberland Market
 Nottingham Street
 Nugent's Court
 Off Lane
 Oriel Street
 Portland Row
 Potter's Alley
 Potter's Lane
 Preston Street
 Prince's Street, North
 Purdon Street
 Ring's Court
 Rutland Street, Lower
 Rutland Street, Lower
 Sackville Place
 Sackville Street, Lower
 Sackville Street, Upper
 Seville Place
 Sherriff Street
 Silvester Place
 Spencer's Court
 Store Street
 Stratford Row
 Strong's Court
 Summerhill, Lower
 Supple's Court
 Sussex Terrace
 Synnot Street
 Talbot Lane
 Talbot Place
 Talbot Street
 Thomas's Lane
 Thompson's Row
 Wapping Street
 West's Lane
 White's Court
 White's Lane, North West
 Whitworth Row
 William Place, North West
 William Street, North
 Wood's Court

A summary of research sources for St. Thomas

Positional map

Glasnevin Grangegorman Manor Court of St. Sepulchre St. Andrews St. Annes St. Audoens St. Brides St. Catherines St. Georges St. James St. Johns St. Lukes St. Marks St. Mary St. Michaels St. Michans St. Nicholas Within St. Nicholas Without St. Patricks St. Pauls St. Peters St. Thomas St. Werburgh Dublin
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