St. Peters civil parish, Dublin city

St. Peters Ordnance Survey map from 1843
St. Peters parish map on
St. Peters contemporary Google map
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Adjoining parishes

Parish and MapID
Donnybrook      26 (Dublin)
St. Annes      5 (Dublin city)
St. Brides      7 (Dublin city)
St. Marks      13 (Dublin city)
St. Peters      75 (Dublin)

Places in St. Peters

 Aungier Place
 Aungier Street
 Baggot Court
 Baggot Lane
 Baggot Market
 Baggot Street, Lower
 Baggot Street, Upper
 Bell's Lane
 Bishop Street
 Bloomfield Avenue
 Bloomfield Place
 Bow Lane, South
 Burke's Court
 Camden Buildings
 Camden Court
 Camden market
 Camden Place
 Camden Row
 Camden Street, Lower
 Camden Street, Upper
 Camden Villa
 Charlemont Mall
 Charlemont Place
 Charlemont Row
 Charlemont Street, Lower
 Charlemont Upper Street
 Charlemont Villa
 Charlotte Place
 Charlotte Street
 Cheater's Lane
 Church Lane, South
 Clanbrassil Place
 Clanbrassil Street
 Clanwilliam Place
 Clonmel Street
 Conroy's Court
 Cranmer Place
 Cuffe Lane
 Cuffe Street
 Cumberland Road
 Dawson Court
 Denzille Lane
 Denzille Street
 Digges Court
 Digges Lane
 Digges Street
 Dougherty's Court
 Earlsfort Terrace
 Eastmoreland Place
 Ely Place
 Faucet's Court
 Fearon's Court
 Fennell's Lane
 Fitzwilliam Court
 Fitzwilliam Lane
 Fitzwilliam Market
 Fitzwilliam Place
 Fitzwilliam Place., South
 Fitzwilliam Square, east
 Fitzwilliam Square, North
 Fitzwilliam Square, South
 Fitzwilliam Square, West
 Fitzwilliam Street, Lower
 Fitzwilliam Street, Upper
 Fleming's Lane
 French Street
 Glover's Alley
 Gordon's Lane
 Grand Canal Street
 Grant's Row
 Grattan Court
 Grattan Place
 Grattan Street
 Haddington Road
 Haddington Terrace
 Hamilton Row
 Harcourt Place
 Harcourt Road
 Harcourt Street
 Harcourt Terrace
 Harrington Street
 Hatch Street
 Herbert place
 Herbert Street
 Holles Place
 Holles Row
 Holles Street
 Hume Street
 James's Lane
 James's Place
 James's Street, East
 Johnson's Place
 Kelly's Court, South
 Kevin Street, Cross
 Kevin Street, Lower
 Kevin Street, Upper
 King Street, South
 Lad Lane
 Lamb's Court
 Laverty's Court
 Leeson Lane
 Leeson Place
 Leeson Street, Lower
 Leeson Street, Upper
 Leinster Row
 Lennox Place
 Lennox Street
 Liberty Lane
 Long Lane
 Longford Lane
 Longford Street, Great
 Longford Street, Little
 Love Lane
 Lundy's Court
 Lundy's Lane
 Magee's Court
 Maher's Court, South
 McClean's Lane
 Mercer Street
 Merrion Row
 Merrion Square, East
 Merrion Square, North
 Merrion Square, South
 Merrion Street, Lower
 Merrion Street, Upper
 Mespil Parade
 Mespil Place
 Moira Coourt
 Moira Place
 Montague Court
 Montague Place
 Montague Street
 Mount Street Crescent
 Mount Street, Lower
 Mount Street, Upper
 New Street
 Northumberland Road
 Pembroke Place
 Pembroke Street, Lower
 Pembroke Street, Upper
 Pembrooke Road
 Percy Place
 Peter Place
 Peter's Row
 Pleasants Street
 Portobello Harbour
 Power's Court
 Protestant Row
 Proud's Lane
 Quinn's Lane
 Redmond's Hill
 Richmond Row
 Richmond Street, South
 Roger's lane
 Rosanna Place
 Smith's Buildings
 Stephen Street
 Stephen's Green, East
 Stephen's Green, South
 Stephen's Green, West
 Stephen's Lane
 Stephen's Place
 Synge Street
 Verschoyle Court
 Verschoyle Place
 Victoria Place
 Warrington Place
 Watchhouse Lane
 Webster Place
 Wentworth Place
 Wexford Street
 Whitefriar Street
 William's Lane
 William's Place
 Wilson's Place
 York Row
 York Street

A summary of research sources for St. Peters

Positional map

Glasnevin Grangegorman Manor Court of St. Sepulchre St. Andrews St. Annes St. Audoens St. Brides St. Catherines St. Georges St. James St. Johns St. Lukes St. Marks St. Mary St. Michaels St. Michans St. Nicholas Within St. Nicholas Without St. Patricks St. Pauls St. Peters St. Thomas St. Werburgh Dublin
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